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They Should Be Shot Now !

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You wanna be like that.......?
Taste the consequences of your actions...

Ever have a little teenage girl cut you off in traffic and give YOU the finger?, or be in line at K-Mart and have to wait until the cashier finished her story about her operation to her neighbor, or have your insurance company put you on hold while your at the scene of an accident, or,

have a telemarketer call you during dinner selling 3 years of magazine subscritions for the Borneo gazette..??or listen to the service manager at your local auto repair tell you the 3 pronged bazuber valve on the intake downside of the saftey grommet that controls all functions of your car is no good and it'l cost $1200.03 to replace, and the car s not safe to drive until it's fixed...he "should be shot"
well they all "SHOULD BE SHOT"

Tell us who else upsets you in this world that "SHOULD BE SHOT "

(In paperback at your bookstore...SOON )

Search the index for your favorite people or person that bugs you that you feel SHOULD BE SHOT.

Disclaimer:don't shoot anybody, but if you do I am not at fault. Viewing this page by you releives me and my family of all liability.


Why shoot them, well, they may hear the shot because these pests don't hear much of anything when you tell them you don't like what's wrong.
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They Should Be Shot
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